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Jon G Stødle

Apple Is Putting Out Fires, Instead Of Preventing Them

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I watched Apple's Wonderlust event and they had a lot of focus on being carbon neutral. From their offices and stores, to their data centers and partners, everything is running on renewable energy. Very good!

They also introduced their first Carbon Neutral™ products. These products use recycled materials to prevent mining for more, and remaining emissions are offset by planting trees and other initatives to capture carbon emissions. This is also very good!

My main problem with Apple's approach is that they solely focus on how to produce new devices and products with lower emissions, but there's no focus on what actually prevents emissions: not throwing away what we've already bought.

There was a single mention of repairability in Apples 1.5 hour long event: the new iPhone 15 Pro Max has a redesigned frame making it easier to swap the back pane of glass. This change is only present in Apple's most expensive phone line which starts at $999. You only get a small improvement in repairability if you're rich enough to buy the most expensive phone they sell.

I realise that a lot of the messaging around "going green" for Apple is about marketing: if you buy an Apple product, you're basically saving the planet. This falls in line with Apple's long held image that if you buy an Apple product, you're kind of a better human being. You have better taste, you're environmentally conscious, you care more about your health, safety, and well-being. I feel nothing demonstrates the corporate hollowness of the new Carbon Neutral stamp they introduced, than their willing disregard of repairability.

Apple's introduced a "Carbon Neutral" stamp for their products

Instead of preventing carbon emissions by enabling greater repairability, they're instead trying to produce more stuff with "just a little bit of emissions". Instead of preventing fires, they're just trying to put them out quickly after starting them...