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Jon G Stødle

If You Work in an Open Office, I'm Your Worst Enemy

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If you work in an open office, I'm your worst enemy. When I speak, it's solely on volume eleven. My baritone voice carries better than a worker ant. My laughter makes the walls vibrate. I'm not alone; every open office has one of me.

If you work in an open office, sickness is your worst enemy. Bacteria and viruses spreading freely as everyone breathes. Airconditioning pushing air every which way to make sure everyone gets a dose of each-other's home grown culture. You know how quickly you can smell someone peeling an orange; now imagine that's the common flu.

If you work in an open office, thermostats are your worst enemy. Always trying to keep the room at an even temperature, except it's never the correct temperature. It's known that men and women work best at different room temperatures, but let's make sure a portion of hour workers don't work at their fullest.