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Jon G Stødle

I've become a streamer

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For the past few months I've started to stream while programming at night. While there hasn't been a set schedule, my plan is to regularly stream on Sunday evenings starting this August. My hope is that a regular schedule will attract more people and make it easier for folks wanting to watch live to know when to tune in.

What's it about?

What do I stream, you ask? It's mostly Rust (the programming language). I have streamed other kinds of technology too, but Rust is my main passion when programming in my spare time.

My aim is to stream as someone who's not super proficient with Rust, solving real problems, live. I don't have a ready solution before I start to stream, I want to figure that out as I go. Partly because I might not know the solution, partly because I may get help from chat and partly because I think it is useful to the process of coming up with a solution.

When and where?

As I mentioned, my goal is to stream regularly on Sundays. I'm hoping to start at 22:00 Europe/Oslo time (GMT+1 or GMT+2 depending on daylight savings time), but it might vary by ~30 minutes or so.

The where is Twitch. I also upload the recordings to YouTube after the fact.

Get notified!

The best way to know when it's happening is to follow me on Twitch, which will send you notifications when I go live. The next best thing is to follow me on Twitter where I announce the streams too. Last resort is to subscribe to my channel on YouTube to get notified when I upload the recordings of the stream.

I hope you swing by the stream some time!