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Jon G Stødle

Recharging in Solitude or With Company

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We're at a point where many businesses are opening their offices and to some extent demanding that their employees return to the office. While some employees are welcoming this return to the familiar, some are more content with the working from home situation.

How people recharge

I don't remember where I first heard it, but someone explained a philosophy they had regarding why some people are social, and some are not. I think that this mindset is incredibly relevant at this point to not only make employees more content, but also make them more productive.

When you get exhausted by the day's activities, when you feel like you need to recharge, your solution can roughly be separated into two different camps: Recharging in solitude, or recharging with company.

The recharging in solitude people prefer to be alone, to get some time for themselves, to basically get some peace and quiet. They need a break from the social norms and requirements to gather their strength and recharge their batteries.

The other group however, the recharging in company people, are the opposite. They recharge by being social, by being with friends and family, by enjoying others' company. Being with other people re-energizes them and recharges their batteries.

The funny thing is, when you're in one camp, it's hard to imagine how the people in the other camp are able to recharge.

"Isn't it exhausting to socialize like that?"

"Isn't it boring sitting alone like that?"

Getting the people back to the office

You can easily guess which of the two groups want to go back into the office. One of the groups dreads having to socialize at work while trying to do their job, while the other group dreads having to spend all their working hours by themselves.

Going back into the office isn't for everyone, and I think that needs to be acknowledged by employers. Some people are craving getting back to a more social workplace, while others will be yearning for the "office" at home, once their back at work.

My point is: The group of people that recharge in company have had their go for the past ~100 years, maybe it's time to recognize that some people are happier when they're able to work in solitude.

All of you who are yearning to get back to the office, going crazy while working from home, give the other group of people the oppertunity to work from home.