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Jon G Stødle

Some Videos of Interest - July 2021

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I watch a lot of talks and technical videos in my spare time. It’s my way to keep up with trends. Some of the videos are noise, but here are some of the ones that are signals.

The Art of Code

What if you use code to make art? What if the code itself is art? What if it’s both?

This talk is not your regular coding talk - it's an experience well worth having.

The Web That Never Was

An interesting and entertaining look down the alternate timeline where the web was made with a few different decisions. Dylan Beattie explores some of the “what if”s of the web and computers.

What if we didn’t use a language that was designed in 10 days?

The Road to Zig 1.0

The creator of the Zig programming language explains why Zig is a thing, and how it aims to make a better C. This video is mentioned in Zig programming circles as the video that radicalizes people to make them want to use Zig, and I can definitely see why.

TDD, Where Did It All Go Wrong

Ian Cooper brings Test Driven Development back to it's origins. Why does TDD feel like so much work? Because we’re basically doing it wrong. Ian Cooper explains the mistakes he’s made and how it’s made him finally get back the original intent of TDD: Testing behaviors, not classes.