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Text shortcuts for bookmarks in Firefox

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There's a thoroughly well hidden feature in Firefox that lets you assign text shortcuts to your bookmarks. Typing the shortcut in the address bar will launch your bookmark. As I mentioned though, it's very hidden within Firefox, but here's how to do it.

Bookmark a page by clicking the star icon to the right in the address bar.

Bookmark page

Click the menu button all the way to the right and select Library

Click on Library

Click Bookmarks

Click on Bookmarks

Click Show all bookmarks at the bottom

Click on Show all bookmarks

Search for the correct bookmark in the search field (1) and select the bookmark (2). Expand the bottom panel by clicking the arrow in the lower left corner of the panel (3).

Select the bookmark and expand the bottom panel

Enter your preferred text shortcut in the Keyword field.

Enter your preferred text shortcut in the Keyword field

The shortcut can now be used like this:

The text shortcut in action